Band Instrument Repair

American Band Instruments is a full service repair and restoration shop. We have several professional technicians at your beck and call. We treat your instrument with loving care and deliver it back to you ready for performance. We can handle any repair problems you may have with your instrument.

If it is necessary for you to ship your instrument to us, you pay for the shipping, usually through UPS. In each case, no work will begin until you have been contacted and given a firm price and then given us an OK to proceed.

You may email us with your questions or phone us at 1-903-593-3195 during regular working hours.

Ship Your Instrument To:

American Band Instrument Service

124 Shelley Dr.

Tyler, Texas 75701

Phone (903) 593-3195

Our normal business hours are 9:00 - 5:30 weekdays and 9:00 - 4:00 Saturday CST.

Flute, Clarinet, & Saxophone Repair & RESTORATION

COMPLETE DISASSEMBLY : All the keys are removed from the body. The old pads are removed. All the key corks and all body corks are removed.
NORMAL REPAIR: All bent keys, bent posts, and bent shafts are repaired.
BODY IS PREPARED: The body is cleaned and polished. Dents are removed if necessary. Key posts & springs are checked and replaced, straightened or repaired as needed. Post ribs are checked and repaired as needed.
TONE HOLES: The tone holes are checked and leveled, if necessary, to prepared for the new pads. This step is time consuming but is very important on professional instruments. Also, specialized equipment is needed for this job.
KEYS: The keys are chemically cleaned, degreased, polished, and sterilized. The key shafts and pivot screws are cleaned and made ready for new key oil when the instrument is reassembled.
ALL CORKS ARE REPLACED: Every key cork is replaced with the highest quality cork available.
ALL PADS ARE REPLACED: Every pad is replaced with the highest quality skin pads.
PADS ARE LEVELED: Each pad is individually leveled on its respective tone hole. This step will help the pad to last longer and give more efficient service. This is also a step that many service centers seem to overlook.
PADS ARE SEATED: Each pad is individually seated on its respective tone hole. This is a separate step from the leveling of the pad. It will assure the best possible seal, and thus the best possible response.
ADJUSTMENT: The instrument  is adjusted to its best possible playing condition. Pad height, spring tension, and placement of keys are all adjusted.
INSPECTION:  The instrument  is inspected visually, and played by a repairman that has inspected thousands of instruments. Also, we have private teachers on staff who play each instrument before it is returned to you.
CONCLUSION: On the professional overhaul, everything possible is done to protect the quality that was built into your professional instrument. We go all out to maintain the professional integrity that you expect of the instrument. All of our overhauls carry a twelve-month guarantee.
An extra charge is made for broken keys and excessive body dents.

Brass Instrument Repair

This job is designed for both the beginning student and the advanced musician who wants to maintain the integrity of their expensive trumpet. We know that people pay large amounts of money for the instruments that they play and they take their performance very seriously.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the heart of brass instrument work. We all know that if the inside  is not professionally cleaned on a regular basis the chemical action of corrosion will undermine the instrument very fast. Ultrasonic cleaning is the best cleaning solution in the world.

We are musicians helping musicians. If you want your horn repaired right the first time, send it to us. American Band Instrument Service is the home of the squeaky clean silky smooth valves and slides.   Please call for a price quote prior to shipping or bringing in your instrument, as needed.